Welcome to IMPART

We’re a multi-disciplinary research team focused on improving people’s quality of life through understanding and treating metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Meet the IMPART Team

Introducing ourselves, our careers, and our current projects

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial
Interventional Cardiologist
Dr. Petra Kienesberger
Molecular Biologist
Dr. Keith Brunt
Translational Scientist
Juliana Prestes
Director, Community Technology
Jinan Rousselle
Science Communication
Dr. Christie Aguiar
Research Coordinator
Dr. Jean-Francois Legare
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Sarah Melville
Translational Research Associate
Dr. Ansar Hassan
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Hany Motawea
BioBank Analyst
Dr. Duncan Webster
Medical Microbiologist
Angella Mercer
Mass Spectrometrist
Alexandra Yip
Research Analyst
Dr. Erik Scheme
Medical Engineer