Dana El-Mughayyar

Clinical Research Associate

Dana El-Mughayyar, Clinical Research Associate at the New Brunswick Heart Centre and Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick completed her BSc. in Biology Psychology in 2019 and is currently undergoing her Master of Kinesiology. She is the Research Associate for the Department of Anesthesiology at Horizon Health Network. She acts as the research representative on the Neurosciences Network, a provincial group focusing on updating and discussing neurosurgery case care standards. She sits on the Acute Spinal Cord Injury Accreditation team for Health Canada Accreditation 2022 at the Saint John Regional Hospital, Accreditation Canada People-Centred Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program and is a steering committee member of the Spinal Cord Injury Network of Atlantic Provinces.

She has multiple peer-reviewed publications and has presented at national and international scientific conferences. She has peer-reviewed over 20 manuscripts for the Global Spine Journal and continues to be an active member of the scientific community. El-Mughayyar is keen on working on the continual improvement of patient outcomes. El-Mughayyar also participates as one of the writers for the Atlantic Student Research Journal, Mentor at UNB, and a contributor for editions of the Canadian Spine Society Newsletter – Spinal Columns.

El-Mughayyar has great interest in contributing to the scientific community through innovative evidence-based clinical research. El-Mughayyar considers one of the key components of improving medical research is through multidisciplinary collaborations. She has multiple local and national collaborations, the focus on which has included technological and health advancements.