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Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial Legacy Award

Created in memory of the late Saint John interventional cardiologist, this scholarship will have a profound impact, empowering students to pursue careers in the health sector and ultimately enhancing all New Brunswickers’ access to vital healthcare services. Donate today! 

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Through DalCREW, CardioTalk presents local/international leaders in cardiovascular research, allows regular interactions between local CV researchers, and provides an opportunity for trainees to present their exciting research to the local CV community.   Check out their upcoming talks here. 

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Virtual care is here to stay: Dr. Keith Brunt

TelegraphJournal, Guest opinion, April 2022. Author: Dr. Keith Brunt   We are long overdue for an operating system upgrade in health care and have been paying a steep price in reduced services and burntout health-care workers as a result – and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Just adding more doctors to an obsolete system

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IMPART researcher pushes towards anti-racism classes

Juliana Prestes is collaborating with community groups such as the New Brunswick Black History Society and PRUDE Inc., and calling for racial ethics and Black history classes to be made part of the sentence if a 47-year-old man convicted for his actions during a Black Lives Matter protest in Moncton, New Brunswick. Read TODAY@Dal      

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NATIONAL POST: IMPART Founders on COVID-19 pandemic

IMPART founders Dr. Ansar Hassan and Dr. Jean-Francois Legare: With the coronavirus pandemic leading to reduced demand for many health services, we have an opportunity to see if we can find ways to deliver more efficient health care in the future.   FULL ARTICLE: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/opinion-on-covid-19-an-opportunity-to-re-examine-how-we-provide-health-care

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