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Virtual care is here to stay: Dr. Keith Brunt

TelegraphJournal, Guest opinion, April 2022. Author: Dr. Keith Brunt   We are long overdue for an operating system upgrade in health care and have been paying a steep price in reduced services and burntout health-care workers as a result – and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Just adding more doctors to an obsolete system

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IMPART researcher pushes towards anti-racism classes

Juliana Prestes is collaborating with community groups such as the New Brunswick Black History Society and PRUDE Inc., and calling for racial ethics and Black history classes to be made part of the sentence if a 47-year-old man convicted for his actions during a Black Lives Matter protest in Moncton, New Brunswick. Read TODAY@Dal      

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NATIONAL POST: IMPART Founders on COVID-19 pandemic

IMPART founders Dr. Ansar Hassan and Dr. Jean-Francois Legare: With the coronavirus pandemic leading to reduced demand for many health services, we have an opportunity to see if we can find ways to deliver more efficient health care in the future.   FULL ARTICLE:

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TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL : ‘Pharmacy is in crisis’: doctor rejects call to remove prescription co-pay

Dr. Keith Brunt, IMPART member and  Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB), highlights the pressure New Brunswick pharmacies are currently under due to COVID-19 and the impacts that removing the co-pay per prescriptions will have – especially on pharmacists in small, rural communities. Dr. Brunt outlines that “the pharmacy in New

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IMPART members approaching old drugs for new tricks.

IMPART members, Dr Keith Brunt and Dr Jeremy Simpson have pioneered research into understanding the mechanisms of increased shortness of breath in patients with heart failure. By applying a collaborative approach, they have identified suitable drugs for effectively treating these symptoms to significantly improve the quality of life of patients. Access full article at Scientia.  

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CBC Interview: IMPART team wins Medical Dragons Den

At the Medical Dragons’ Den, the winning pitch was for a new microscope that helps test new drugs quickly at the cellular level. All members of IMPART Team, Dr. Keith Brunt and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial were interviewed by CBC Radio. Click on the link below for interview:  

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