Our health starts with our story. IMPART Podcast© aims to share stories of individuals and their experiences as patients, from navigating through the health care system to learning how to live with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer and other medical conditions.  Mostly, this podcast aims to be a venue for patients to share their perspectives and thus to initiate a solution-oriented dialogue within physicians, medical-students, all professionals of health and governments.

If you are interested to share your story or get involved please send an email to podcast@impart.team

Podcast Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ).

Surviving the Silent Battle: A Heartfelt Journey Beyond Heart Attacks Without Surgery.

Unseen Challenges: Life with Disabilities

Episode 1 (Part A) : Gloria’s Story

In this initial part of the episode, you will learn about Gloria and her experience as a trans woman with prostate cancer navigating in the health care system in Saint John, New Brunswick. She is the leader of the local LGTB+ Community and first guest of the IMPART Podcast.

Episode 1 (Part B): Gloria Discusses Community Agencies

In this second part of the episode, Gloria tells us about the community resources available in Saint John, New Brunswick and how they played an important role in assisting with her health and recovery.

Episode 2: Roxy’s Story

Meet Roxy from New Brunswick and her experience as a lung cancer survivor. She spent most of her treatment time in the province of British Columbia and she initiates an interesting dialogue contrasting New Brunswick and British Columbia health care systems.

Episode 3: Katelin’s Story

New Brunswick’s obesity rates are one of the highest in Canada. Katelin share her experience living with obesity, her concerns with the health care system in New Brunswick and how it impacted her story.

Episode 4 (Part A): Bob’s Story

Meet Bob and his experience as a terminal brain cancer patient navigating in the New Brunswick health system.  Bob is a leader in real estate/economic development and a well-loved icon & neighbour in the Uptown Saint John area.

Episode 5: Kym’s Story

Kym is the first community transmitted case of COVID-19 in New Brunswick. One year later through the pandemic, she shares her experience navigating a novel disease and the health care system. There will be a replica to this episode, please stay tuned.

Episode 4 (Part B): Bob Discusses Medically Assisted Death

This second part of the episode, Bob shares his decisions after learning his diagnosis and prognosis. Bob decided to sign papers for medically assisted death.

Episode 6 : Allan’s Story

Co-Founder of Huddle Today, president of Bonfire Solutions, father and husband. Allan is a successful business man in the Maritimes, but on a Tuesday his heart failed to work. He is now a heart attack survivor moving his life forward thanks to new health habits.

Episode 7: Tim’s Story

Dr. Timothy Christie is an African-Canadian born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, and the Director of Bioethics at Horizon Health Network in New Brunswick. He and cardiovascular researcher, Sarah Melville, discuss issues faced by people of colour (POC) in the health care system.



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