Thank you for your interest in the IMPART Podcast Program!

1) What is this podcast about?

IMPART team is committed to translating knowledge to action and discovering innovative and bold ways to improve healthcare. We very much want to hear your story and understand your lived experience. Your story begins with your health, what you value in healthcare, and what you think is important from the perspective of a patient. We wish to help you share your story with the community, medical students, and other health care providers. Our team will seek out new opportunities to advance the frontiers of medicine by acting on the inspiration of your story.

Although IMPART is a research group, this podcast is not a research project. This podcast is part of a Community Engagement Plan.

2) Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone currently living in New Brunswick (even if you obtained health care in another province). Minors must to be accompanied by their parents/legal guardians before and during the interview.

We are interested to hear the story of any individual living with the challenges of being a parent, aging, disease, or navigating the health care system, whether you live in an urban, rural or Indigenous community. It could be that you were directly affected by health care needs or shared the experiences of a loved one.

3) Can I participate in English or French?

It would be our pleasure to serve you in the either official language of your choice. Transcripts of the podcast will be made available in both languages after the recording.

4) Will you collect any information about me?

Only your full name. We do not collect any other personal or medical information.

5) Can I participate anonymously?

Yes. It is your choice to use your first name, full name, nickname, or fictional name (a pseudonym). It is your choice to share any personal information during the podcast interview.

6) Where is the podcast being recorded?

The host will be interviewing you at the UNBSJ radio station, as all equipment for the recording is there. However, if you are an inpatient and unable to go to this site, we have portable equipment to interview you at the Saint John Regional Hospital or Saint Joseph’s Hospital if this is more convenient for you.

7) What type of questions will the hosts ask me?

All possible questions will be discussed with you before the interview. You will decide what questions you want to be asked. This is your podcast and we want to make you as comfortable as possible to share your story. The IMPART team is entirely committed to telling your story the way you want it to be told.

8) Who are the hosts of this podcast?

They are patient advocates on a volunteer basis.

9) Where will the podcast be played and who will listen to my story?

Your story will be made publicly available through the UNB Radio Station website and on the IMPART website. This means it will be publicly available to anyone on the internet. We will be promoting your story using IMPART social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


For more information, please send an email to