Basic, Clinical, and Translational research — each piece a part of the whole picture.

We’re a group of clinicians, scientists and researchers studying the effects of metabolic and inflammatory diseases on the body and on the wider community. Out of our Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick homebase in Saint John, we’re discovering ways to improve health outcomes for real Canadians every day.

Although we come from a range of different academic backgrounds, we have all collaborated on projects and publications in the past. We share funding, established clinical protocols, student mentorship relationships, and now a team partnership.

With the support of organizations like the New Brunswick Heart Centre, the Saint John Regional Hospital, the University of New Brunswick and NBCC, we can dive deeper into the causes and effects of diabetes, obesity, arthritis and heart disease. These organizational relationships allow us to provide a stellar learning environment for trainees and students while ultimately concentrating on translating research into viable therapies.

We have a Community Engagement Plan that allows us to contribute to our community through a multi-disciplinary vision to care in partnership with local/national non-profits, government, business sector and the health care industry.

Our intellectual diversity is an incredible asset — as we debate, share and theorize about data and disease, solutions arise from places that one of us alone would never have thought to look. We’re each proud to do our part, and to be a part of IMPART.

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