Fundamental, Clinical, and Translational research — each piece a part of the whole picture.

We believe everyone deserves a low stress, long & healthy life. Our team champions bold new thinking and discoveries that challenge the status quo. We seek to eliminate perceived barriers to innovation-inspired changes. Thus, using scientific principles, life experiences and family-styled research collaborations, we are building new directions for healthcare, locally and globally.

Our team is aligned with three core principles represented in our name and our practices:

 IM  = Inflammation & Metabolism: These are the threads that allow cancer to hide and escape from the immune system or defend against chemotherapy, promote weight gain and fibrotic remodelling to cause disease and leave us susceptible to physical and mental stress.

PA = Physical Ability: This is our capacity for exercise and movement, the physical and medical constraints of our bodies that determine how much or how little exercise we enjoy or can tolerate. It is essential to keeping frailty at bay and in the prevention and rehabilitation of patients. The threads that limit us here, can cause disease or limit our ability to recover.

RT = Research Translation: This is how we move our science into clinical practice, by advocating for change, assisting in the commercialization of new technologies and promoting best-in-class practices to care for our patients, especially those most vulnerable in our communities.

We have a Community Engagement Plan that allows us to contribute to our community through a multi-disciplinary vision to care in partnership with local/national non-profits, government, business sector and the health care industry.

Our intellectual diversity is an incredible asset — as we debate, share and theorize about data and disease, solutions arise from places that one of us alone would never have thought to look.

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