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The word “agoge” means rear in Ancient Greek, but it is also a rigorous Greek training system that aimed to teach several aspects of life to citizens, including hunting, science, arts, business, social communication and loyalty. Our family-oriented research collaboration aims to provide a multi-disciplinary foundation to our trainees. We are building the scientists of the future, minds that can think outside of the box with academic rigor, creativity and humanism.

Scope and purpose

We get contacted by researchers looking for helpful trainees and research assistants all the time. The IMPART team will assist you in finding skilled candidates to facilitate partnerships with Mitacs, OCE, Connect Canada and other programs.

Within the MyROaD network, the IMPART team will offer trainees

  • Multi-institutional laboratory exchanges for skills and professional development, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness (EDI) training with community organizations.
  • Multi-institutional programming for workshops around market commercialization of minimal viable products and services aligned with HRTP goals like those offered by Dal Innovates, Science to Business Network, Tech Stars, Spring-Board, or other IMPART affiliates to be harmonized with sites across Canada.
  • Micro-credentialing, certification, and training in anti-racism action, Indigenous cultural safety, unconscious bias, sex and gender workshops, industry certifications, data informatics, innovation, and intellectual property development.
  • Internships amongst for-profit and non-profit industrial partners will aid in experiential learning and preparation on how to navigate and secure industry-partnered funding opportunities with Economic Development Agencies, Superclusters, National Research Council, NSERC Alliance, or Mitacs grants/fellowships/scholarships.
  • Awards and supports in addition to covering the costs for equity-seeking individuals to travel and attend IMPART events or undergo lab exchanges, seminars, or workshops as part of the HRTP program.

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It’s time to jump into credentialing and internship partner opportunities through MyROaD!What is physician credentialing in healthcare?

Career Aid

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