Dr. Jill Rourke

Molecular Pharmacologist

Dr. Jill Rourke, originally from New Brunswick, obtained a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Biochemistry and PhD. in the Department of Pharmacology at Dalhousie University in 2015. Dr. Rourke completed a CIHR postdoctoral fellowship in high-throughput functional genomics and diabetes in the Biological Sciences Department at Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto, ON. In 2018, Dr. Rourke returned to New Brunswick and is currently assistant professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Mount Allison University in Sackville.

Dr. Rourke’s research focuses on cellular communication through activation of cell surface receptors, GPCRs. Since arriving at Mount Allison, Dr. Rourke setup a GPCR discovery lab where she and a group of talented undergraduate and MSc. trainees are examining how this receptor family contributes to nutrient sensing and metabolism, diabetes, and cancer.

GPCR Discovery Lab