Dr. Stacy Grieve

Translational Oncologist

Dr. Stacy Grieve is a research scientist at the University of New Brunswick and a translational scientist at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick in the laboratory of Dr. Tony Reiman. She has a strong cancer research background and is responsible for developing and driving translational oncological research programs.

Dr. Grieve completed her PhD at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in the department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, focusing on the fundamental aspects of cancer cell biology.  She transitioned to a postdoctoral position at Queen’s University where she built on her cellular and molecular experience to incorporate preclinical mouse models and translational methodology.  Her move to New Brunswick afforded the opportunity to round out her extensive skillset to include clinical models and working with patient outcomes.

Dr. Grieve integrates her basic science foundation with clinical knowledge to develop methods to more effectively and more precisely treat cancers. Her diverse research programs involve developing novel biomarkers to predict treatment response, using innovative nanotechnology to monitor treatment response and identifying novel therapeutic targets.