Keith Brunt

Dr. Keith Brunt

Translational Scientist

Dr. Keith Brunt is the main founder & leader of IMPART team. He is an associate professor at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, a translational scientist in the cardiovascular surgery/ cardiology departments of the New Brunswick Heart Centre. He is also the president of the Heart & Stroke Foundation New Brunswick.

Following the completion of his undergraduate studies in Physiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Brunt went on to Queens University to pursue Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. After a fellowship in Cardiac Surgery and Regenerative Medicine at Toronto General Hospital, he became an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Medicine in Saint John.

Dr. Brunt is currently teaching as an adjunct professor in the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Business in addition to directing Community Engagement and Innovation Development efforts for Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer at NB-BioMatrix, Inc., and a special graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Research interests for Dr. Brunt include nano-pharmocology, heme metabolism, and molecular and cellular cardiology.

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