Our laboratory is focused on Basic Science, Experimental Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease. We are a translational research laboratory seeking to translate the unknown into usable knowledge and basic science into clinical practice and new applications.

Through Basic Science we learn how cells adapt to stress and the mechanisms they use to survive in health and disease. This research knowledge is then translated and developed into new innovations.

Experimental therapeutics are new agents or methods for treating disease that are not yet approved for use in humans. New therapeutics of interest to us include gene & protein therapy, biologics, nanopharmacology, immunotherapeutics, stem cell therapy and biomaterials for regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine is the study of the the inherent ability to renew organs and repair damaged tissues. Regenerative medicine topics we are interested in are the basic mechanisms for cellular growth and differentiation, & stem cell aging in the wound repair process.

Part of our research examines new ways of treating cardiovascular disease by focusing our attention on preventing heart attack and stroke by reducing atherosclerosis. We also explore new ways of recovering and potentially regenerating new myocardium after a heart attack.

Health technology offers innovations that improve care at home, speed of diagnosis and ensuring that the right medication is in the right patient and doing the right things. Our researchers will lead teams of clinicians, researchers, government and corporations to bring these technologies to patients. eClinics could significantly reduce the cost of health care and improve access to marginalized patients in our society; but they must be carefully assessed using cost-benefit analysis and clinical validation.

Translational Medicine is the transition of knowledge to practice or application. We actively pursue a translational approach through our collaboration with clinicians, corporations and patients by engaging clinical trials, product development and seeking to improve patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. When it comes to medicine, we are all futurists.

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