Jean-Francois Legare

Dr. Jean-Francois Legare

Cardiovascular Surgeon

Dr. Jean-Francois Legare is the Head of Cardiac Surgery at the New Brunswick Heart Centre and a professor of surgery, pathology, microbiology and immunology at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

After completing his studies at McGill with a Bachelor of Science in Anatomical Sciences and a Medical Degree, Dr. Legare successfully pursued advanced training in cardiac surgery and pathology at Dalhousie University and Universitat Liepzig in Germany. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2002 and accepted two positions at Dalhousie: surgical director of cardiac transplantation and professor of surgery.

In addition to Dr. Legare’s clinical responsibilities, he also regularly contributes to academic journals and currently holds three research-funding grants from national organizations. Among his professorial responsibilities are mentoring and assisting MSC, PhD and RIM medical students with their research.

Dr. Legare’s research interests include analysis of patient outcomes and vascular complications after cardiac surgery, arthritis and chronic heart disease, and macrophages in myocardial fibrosis.

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