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IMPART Members Conduct Validation Study For Wrist-Worn Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr. Keith Brunt and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, two members of the IMPART research team, performed a series of tests on Cloud DX’s signature Pulsewave product in late 2015 and came to the conclusion that the virtual blood pressure monitor was comparably accurate to an intra-arterial blood pressure catheter.

The study, carried out at the New Brunswick Heart Centre in Saint John, helped prove that Pulsewave, which measures and records a ‘pulse wave’ signal from the wrist, could stand up to rigorous medical scrutiny and provide doctors with accurate information.

Dr. Lutchmedial and Dr. Brunt were optimistic that Pulsewave could aid clinical decision-making while also improving patient self-management at home:

“‘Our study determined that innovative methods for securely gathering clinically accurate data non-invasively, including this wrist cuff device, are now mature enough for widespread adoption into new clinical trials and practices,” said Dr. Brunt.

‘Wrist monitors are easier to use than arm cuffs and are preferred by patients, which can improve patient compliance and accurately inform clinicians.'”

For further information about the IMPART-led study and Pulsewave’s potential effect on medical device markets, read on at http://www.cantechletter.com/2015/11/canadian-made-blood-pressure-device-that-is-worn-on-wrist-gets-clinical-validation/