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Huddle Today: Canadian Diabetes Association Grant Awarded to IMPART Researcher

In 2016, Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil became the first New Brunswick researcher to be awarded a Canadian Diabetes Association grant in recognition of his work on diabetic heart disease caused by obesity.

The grant, which totals $300,000 over 3 years, will allow Dr. Pulinilkunnil and his team to study advanced treatments for diabetic complications and to eventually form a new company or explore collaborations with existing players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Pulinilkunnil is optimistic about the future of medical research in New Brunswick, and in particular is excited about the possibility of Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick’s Tucker Park campus in Saint John becoming a research juggernaut in the medical world:

“‘People said, you cannot do science in New Brunswick. There were many discouraging people, but we have proved that is not true,” said Pulinilkunnil.

We can deliver. We have delivered. I’m a strong believer that good science can happen anywhere, and Saint John is a very supportive community with a flourishing scientific environment—that’s all it takes.'”

Read more about Dr. Pulinilkunnil’s work by visiting http://huddle.today/saint-john-researcher-wins-big-national-stage/