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From the Archives: Dr. Ansar Hassan Named 2015 Health Researcher of the Year

In 2015, Dr. Ansar Hassan received one of the highest honors available to health researchers in New Brunswick. The CBC recognized Dr. Hassan’s impressive achievement, and also spoke to other NB health researchers, including IMPART’s own Dr. Keith Brunt, about the unique research taking place in the oft-overlooked province:

“‘We have an aging population and some people see that as a liability, but we can actually see it as a huge asset,’ said Dr. Keith Brunt, of the Dalhousie Medical School in Saint John and an attendee of the event.

Brunt said bilingualism in New Brunswick also means local innovations can be rolled out across the country, but the provinces need to show more leadership.”

Read more about Dr. Hassan’s accomplishment and the challenges facing New Brunswick health researchers at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/health-researcher-ansar-hassan-1.3303197