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Huddle Today: Dr. Ansar Hassan Hosts Conference Event on Big Data in Healthcare

As part of Saint John’s Big Data Congress conference in October 2016, Dr. Ansar Hassan hosted an event that brought together data-focused medical companies and entrepreneurs to speak about how data aggregation on a massive scale can improve patient outcomes, give impacted populations access to quality care, and keep healthcare spending costs to a minimum.

Participants included the CEOs and co-founders of Sequence Bio and PatientsLikeMe, and biomedical engineer and data scientist Erik Scheme.

“Hassan says many members of the region’s medical community still have no idea what big data is. But since it’s poised to revolutionize the industry on all levels, now is the time for them to learn about it.

‘The Big Data Congress is a world class event being held here in Saint John that will serve to educate people from all backgrounds about big data,’ he says. ‘But it will also allow for input from various stakeholders in the field of health care, from patients to providers to hospital administrators to industry representatives, as to how big data research may be shaped to best serve New Brunswick.’”

Read more about Dr. Hassan’s event, and the many innovative companies involved in New Brunswick’s main data conference, at http://huddle.today/big-data-transforming-healthcare/