Juliana Prestes

Community Liaison

Juliana has joined IMPART since its formation in 2017 to develop and direct the Community Engagement Plan . Ultimately, Juliana is a science apprentice and she investigates the immediate needs of vulnerable patients in Saint John and the greater Maritimes. Juliana has collaborated with the United Nations, Avenue B Harm Reduction, Hope Pre-School in Central Africa and several other stakeholders.

Juliana has attended the University of New Brunswick for a bachelor of sciences. She has been sponsored by Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick/IMPART to become Canadian. Thus,  Juliana has set a lifelong commitment to be the first “MD-PhD” candidate at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

Juliana is mentored by Dr. John Dornan , Dr. Keith Brunt and other IMPART members. Her interests are translational medicine, orthopaedic/trauma surgery, conflict/rural medicine, machine learning, vulnerable populations and optimization of health resources.

Outside medicine, Juliana enjoys nature, music and daily yoga. She is also a medallist in equestrian jumping and an experienced backpacker.

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