Juliana Prestes

Community Engagement

Through a multi-disciplinary approach to medicine, Juliana explores the immediate needs of vulnerable patients in Saint John and the greater Maritimes. The main objective of Juliana’s work on behalf of IMPART is to develops projects in AI, SaaS and Apps focused on benefiting vulnerable patients. Juliana is well regarded in the Maritimes as she wrote several community-based projects for the United Nations, AIDS Saint John and Hope Community in Central Africa.

Juliana went to medical-school at the Universidad de Aquino and has continued her academic pursuits through the University of New Brunswick, University of Pennsylvania and Horizon Health Network. She has hopes to be the first “MD-PhD” candidate at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick specializing in 21st century medicine for vulnerable patients.

Juliana is also mentored by Dr. John Dornan, Chief of the ER at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Her interests includes orthotrauma surgery, SaaS and AI in medicine, vulnerable populations and distribution of health resources.

Outside medicine, Juliana enjoys nature, music and daily yoga. She is also a medalist in equestrian jumping and an experienced backpacker.