Juliana Prestes

Community Liaison

Juliana has joined IMPART since its formation to direct the Community Engagement Plan . Ultimately, as a science apprentice, Juliana investigate the immediate needs of vulnerable patients in Saint John and the greater Maritimes. Juliana has collaborated with the United Nations, Rotary International, Avenue B Harm Reduction and Hope Pre-School, in Central Africa.

Juliana has attended the University of New Brunswick Saint John for a bachelor of sciences. Also, she was sponsored by IMPART/Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick to become Canadian under the Atlantic Pilot Program. Thus,  Juliana has set a lifelong commitment to be the first “MD-PhD” candidate at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, specializing in 21st century medicine for vulnerable patients.

Juliana is mentored by Dr. Keith Brunt, Dr. John Dornan, and other IMPART members. Her interests are translational medicine, orthopaedic/trauma surgery, conflict/rural medicine, machine learning, vulnerable populations and optimization of health resources.

Outside medicine, Juliana enjoys nature, music and daily yoga. She is also a medallist in equestrian jumping, axe throwing enthusiast and experienced backpacker.

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