Dr. Shreya Sarkar

Translational Research Associate

Dr. Sarkar is a Translational Research Associate with New Brunswick Heart Centre (NBHC) at the Saint John Regional Hospital in Saint John, New Brunswick. Dr. Sarkar is a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP®) and a PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®).

After completing her Masters’ degree, Dr. Sarkar began teaching as an Assistant Teacher in Biotechnology at a reputed school in Kolkata, India. During this period, Dr. Sarkar was awarded a highly- competitive and prestigious fellowship by the Government of India to pursue her doctoral degree. She joined her Ph.D. program in Molecular Cancer Biology at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, the National Cancer Centre for the Eastern part of India. She was involved in a blend of basic and clinical research, where she studied the molecular mechanisms of cell cycle regulation in head and neck cancers and the etiological role of HPV in the same. She was awarded her Ph.D. degree from the University of Calcutta. During the final stages of her Ph.D. program, Dr. Sarkar was offered a position as a Microbiologist at a Government Institution in Kolkata. She joined as a laboratory supervisor for the National Polio Surveillance Project, in partnership with World Health Organization (WHO). Following this, Dr. Sarkar joined as a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, in collaboration with NBHC, where she studied immunometabolism in obesity and cardiac diseases.

Dr. Sarkar integrates her versatile skills of academics, management and clinical research to coordinate clinical trials on cardiac surgery. Her current research encompasses the fields of cardiac surgery, frailty and novel technological interventions to help patients have a better home- transition after cardiac surgery.