Christie Aguiar

Dr. Christie Aguiar

Research Coordinator

Dr. Christie Aguiar is a research coordinator at Saint John Regional Hospital. She has a strong background in scientific research and is responsible for coordination, evaluation and compilation of clinical study data.

Dr. Aguiar began her academic career studying veterinary sciences, first as an undergraduate at Pondicherry University and then in a master’s program at Nagpur University with a specialty focus on mesenchymal stem cells. She then moved on to the University of Montreal for her PhD in veterinary biomedicine, during which she analyzed the immune potential and differentiation of equine induced pluripotent stem cells. After the completion of her degree, Dr. Aguiar briefly became a translational research assistant at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick before moving into her current position.

Current research interests for Dr. Aguiar include several projects centered around regenerative medicine, stem cells and immunity.

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