Alexandra Yip

Research Analyst

Alexandra Yip has a clinical background as an occupational therapist, having practiced in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, prior to completing a Master’s in Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University in 2000. Through various research and teaching positions, she gained considerable experience in database management and multivariable statistical analysis, as applied to the linkage of individual-level clinical data with Nova Scotia’s provincial administrative health care databases, Vital Statistics, and Census information.

Since November 2009, her collaboration with Dr. Ansar Hassan has been instrumental in the ongoing development of data infrastructure for clinical outcomes investigations in cardiac care in New Brunswick, including clinical registries for cardiac surgery and cardiac catheterization, with linkage to administrative health care data through the New Brunswick Department of Health.

Ms. Yip conducts statistical analysis and contributes to research protocol development, conference presentations, and manuscripts with staff surgeons and physicians within the Departments of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology, as well as their medical students from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. She has the privilege of representing our centre in several regional, national, and international quality improvement initiatives.