Former Vulnerability Index Project©, the Medical History Index© is a questionnaire applied through a mobile app (or paper version) that grades a patient’s social determinants of health related to: housing, food security, employment, social support, education/literacy, legal status and mental health. The combination together can be a sophisticated indicator of poverty.  The ability for the numerical index to provide information on an individual, geographic region or populations can thus be used in a disaggregate data form to measure successful medical management or need. Additionally, the mobile app directly connects patients to community social services agencies or community connectors.

Following the Agile (Scrum) software development methodology, Juliana Prestes has generated the index algorithm and led this project supervised by Dr. Keith Brunt , Dr. Jean-Francois Legare , Dr. Duncan Webster and Dr. Alison Luke, in collaboration with patients, community agencies and industry partners.

Dr. Arit Archibong is the clinical coordinator for this project.